We are just a couple of photo nerds itching to tell your story……


Photography came into our lives long before we became best friends. Libbie was born into her love of imagery and has been following in the footsteps of her grandfather Quincy, a photojournalist, since. Joey found photography through curiosity and a little looting of his childhood home for anything cool. Since then, we both have allowed full obsession to take over, and have let this photography thing run our lives.


We met, like most college kids, in a bar. In Bozeman, Montana where Joey was the new kid and Libbie was a veteran of the photo school. We fell in love. Many late nights on campus helping each other with different projects and problems, made us realize that we might make a pretty good team. We came to the conclusion that we were very different photographers, we kept each other in check, and balanced one another out. When we worked on projects with each other, they always came out better and stronger, that is where Early and Co starts.


Together we are pretty big weirdos, throw our girl dog named Frank, our bikes, and a six pack into the mix, and it gets pretty rad. We are constantly seeking out what is next for us, and what the next story is, whether it is bike touring through Japan, a day trip through the mountains, or a show for some band we have never heard of. We’ll bring our cameras, and have a butt-ton of fun.


Through our journey together as photographers, we have always gravitated towards the story, and creating work with the narrative taking center stage. In the end, the story is in the small details, in the messy kitchen with kids learning to bake cookies, or the frenzied morning before a wedding, the story is there, and we want to capture it.


Our approach is simple. No two people are alike, no two stories are alike, the differences are in the nuanced glances, fleeting moments, and deep belly laughs. We are there to catch the moments where you are too busy living, loving, and smiling to care about who sees. We want each story to be a collection of moments that add up to something greater. We want to tell stories, big stories, small stories, your story.


Think Less, Shoot more.

-The Earlys