Monthly Archives: February 2011

Stripping Fuji 100 Series Negs.

So I have had a few people ask me how I do this and I know there are not really any tutorials out there that really explain this in detail. Fuji instant pack film is pretty amazing stuff and gives you amazing colors prints and great tonality in black and white instant. However, what most […]

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Wannabe Vagabond.

A Journey toward faith and the search for personal enlightenment. A Photo Project. How do I even begin to explain the motive behind this project and why I am writing this. If you know me, you know my struggles with faith. Since I can remember I have been at a crossroads in my journey towards […]

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Saying Goodbye is hard: First Month in Bozeman.

Contrary to the title this post is not a downer post, in fact its the opposite. These are a few snapshots from my frist month here in Bozeman. I havent shot as much as I usually do which is strange for me but I still have a camera in my hand on a regular basis. […]

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