Monthly Archives: March 2011

Doing Big Prints: Fuji 100C45.

As as some of you might remember or if you know me at all, I am on a huge instant film kick right now. Originally I was just shooting fp-300b and scanning the paper negatives until I caught wind of people Stripping the backs of fp-100c negatives and getting real negative out of it. Well […]

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Hanging with Jonathan Canlas.

On my trip down south I had the pleasure and honor to stay with THE JONATHAN CANLAS. Seriously this man and his family blew my mind the whole time I stayed with them. His wife Callie cooked probably the most amazing food I have had on my birthday in my life, including her infamous candied […]

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The Shaving: Kristopher Orr.

Since I just arrived back from Vegas/Utah and the theme of the trip seemed to be gross mustaches I think this post is suiting as a first post back. Kristopher Orr is a pretty amazing dude, he is a rad wedding photographer and I am pretty sure at some point in existence we were twins. […]

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