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Leather Tramp : a Self Portrait, a Typology.

This is my Final project for my Landscape class, yes thats right I said Landscape. As the summer semester drew on I struggled and struggled to come up with a final project that I was excited about. Last week we were sitting in class brainstorming with my professor, a few students, and myself when this […]

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Grainy black and white photographs.

I was told my a fellow student earlier this year that I only take grainy black and white photographs. I am beginning to think he is right. Nerd Note: Leica M6, 50mm M-Hex, Hp5+ Pushed to 1600, Xtol 1:1. Butte, Mt

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A single portrait.

This is just a quick one from one of my class trips this summer with my Landscape class. As you can see I am doing a really amazing job shooting landscapes. Nerd Note: Rolleiflex 2.8E2, Portra 400.

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