Our Wedding.

This year has been a wild year for me. There has been a lot of firsts and many many changes in my life. I am back in school and working a fair bit and time seems to be one of the few resources that is constantly in demand. The biggest change and most important thing that has happened to me, probably in my life let alone this year, is that Libbie Dawn and I got married nearly five months ago. I figured this was a fitting way to bring my blog back to life. Even though The Abegg Clan photographed our wedding for us, I just could not resist carrying a camera around with me. These are not the best images from our wedding by far but in my defense I was a little distracted considering everything that was going on. The whole process was a ride from proposing (which I will post later) to finally getting to see everyone that travelled so far in order to be there. It was seriously one of the most amazing days I could have hoped for, we had a break from the heat of August and even got to swim in the Blackfoot in between our wedding and reception. Honestly seeing our friends and family rally in order to make the whole day come together was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. I just want to thank everyone in our lives for being a part of it, libbie and I are still stunned we had this day.

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Little Moments.

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Chenoweth Ceramics.

This is from my recent workings with Darcy Chenoweth, getting some images for her website and some portfolio stuff for me.

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The Abegg Family.

A few days before Christmas my phone rang and it was none other than Catherine Abegg. She first asked me about the weather, then asked me about my holidays plans, and before I could even finished telling her that I was staying in town; she told me the Abeggs are coming to Montana. If you did not know the Abegg family are some of the raddest most genuine people that I know, so naturally we were stoked about their visit. Catherine gave us a few ideas for what they wanted to do and we racked our brains for all the options on how to show them just how cool Montana is. When they showed up all they wanted to do was to be outside and of course we obliged them.

I cannot thank the Abeggs enough for coming to visit us. We had a blast and I hope they did too, they really are an amazing family.


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Letting Time Pass.

Busy, is a word I have not used that much in the last year. Since moving back to Montana I have had somewhat of a culture shock. Not because Montana is that different, but because I have slowed down drastically. This year I have been worried about things that I never really thought that I would struggle with; although they are normal themes in the lives of most americans, I too was very naive and assumed that they would not hit me the way they have hit so many others in the last few hard years.

With school coming up just around the next corner and the holidays behind us I feel like I have a moment to just sit down and write something on how I have been throughout my absence from my own blog. The last few months, albeit very busy, have been the closest to normal I have felt in a very long time. I have had conversation that were long overdue, visitors that were unexpected but very welcome, and I have picked up a camera in a way that I have not for a long time. With all of these small things that have seemingly popped back up into my life I have neglected to ensure that those around me know how much I have appreciated everything that they are in my life. I have let the busy vibes run all over me and forgot to make sure some people really know that they are important, whether in my life or just in general.

Well this is sort of a way for me to extend out a handshake and hope that those who I am talking about just know that I have only let my short term memory go and not completely forgotten.

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